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  1. same here. I will be away for a little bit. My mom just passed on 12/18/2016 at 53. I have to fly to California and try to get her transported home. Best of luck with the spawns Tenj wish I could be around for them.
  2. Nice Good Luck with the search. All the people I know are using there sojs for reroll.
  3. I have and its ok nothing special. Lost all fun when pvp was off balance again. Played a frost dk and was not fun when you kill both ppl in seconds. Last I logged in though has been since around the time of this post. So changes could of came.
  4. Thank you for bringing this site back up. This was my first site I used for trading on d2.
  5. Need to finish my gear 399/30/31 coa 200/x 15 ias 15 all res reg arreats 775 gothic plate enigma 158/40/15 dungos 2x 250/20 raven 213 gores named or w/e 100+ def, 20 ias, 15 str, 15 dex and some res gloves prefer bramble mitts 400/40 greif z 285/40 beast z 385 doomz 10x 19+ life 5 all res scs 15x 320's 9x 36/20's 1x 132/45 20/10/10 anni 20/20 barb torch post all info or pm me thanks
  6. Non c/c paypal pm me if interested
  7. Vouch what corey and dax are saying , this kid is a bm trader and prob will scam you if he had the chance so watch out...
  8. Perm Imp brow ammy Perm Raven Spiral Perm Bitter Hold bin all 3 for 6$ , im missing 6 bucks to order a part for my car,,, would like to sell these today. non c/c paypal you can make over 700fg onn jsp off these and i can vouch you there i am SouthSide onn jsp.
  9. Perm Imp = 6$ Perm Raven Spiral = 5$ Perm Bitter Hold = 5$ Or all At 10$ + paypal charges ' DISO: non c/c Verified Paypal only would prefer if trusted member!
  10. duped/unpermed stuff: undead crown ring - caintest2///2
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