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  1. Looking to Buy High end GG Items for $

    INVENTORY:20/19/25 Btorch20/20/8 anni34x 3/20/20 paw4x 36/20 paw4x 36/20 coin4x 5/3/20 coin1x 451 paw INVENTORY:43/42/40 "monster" pcomb42/40/40 "dna" pcomb43/42/41 "eye" pcomb6x 18/5 football4x 19/5 football20/20/5 anni20/20/5 pally torch1x 12% fhr pcomb "eye" Im interested in the barb and hammerdin inventories forsure. Are you trying to sell them as whole characters? Interested in both of these as well if sold seperate: 10fcr/2str/52life/12lr ring https://i.imgur.com/DUQe3sG.png 2druid/10fhr/3nado/3volcano/2hunger/108HP/10fr pelt (2x p ruby) https://i.imgur.com/HqiJBra.png
  2. Looking to Buy High end GG Items for $

    Ill pass on both thanks for offers. You have any other items for trade
  3. Looking to spend some christmas $ for some high end god tier items Not sure what character I'm gonna start yet but I'm thinking barb or sorc. Hit me up if you got some goodies.
  4. 2nec/20fcr/30frw/59life/6all res/2os diadem Ill give you 100$ for this one
  5. $2000 Buy everything i have

    Interested in buying all thats left let me know
  6. 2 godly chars ft

    2 bo cta, 1 soj, 4% bk for this: 12/12/8 Annihilus
  7. 2 godly chars ft

    25/-3 fire estuas and an soj for this: 25/-3 Eschutas
  8. 2 godly chars ft

    10 sojs for this: 27% fcr spirit monarch(on switch)
  9. ISO: - 9x plain light gc's ( if possible 1x fhr light gc ) - Low spirit - 2 fcr rings (with decent mods mostly str) - decent anni - p light estuas Ft: - Perfect anni - Soul Shanks - 17 sojs - p fire estuas - zod - 4 bo cta
  10. Light sorcy 4 melee barb iso

    alrite ill also throw 5 sojs in there.
  11. system's new ft/iso

    i need 20/11/6 anni offer: 10 sojs
  12. ISO: Sorc Gears

    Spirit- 30%fcr, 107mana sshanks for this, almost the same as spurs.
  13. Light sorcy 4 melee barb iso

    I need: 1x fhr light gc 7x plain lite gcs arach i offer: perfect anni, lmk.