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  1. Only trustworthy items, it's been a while but I still have tabs on known gear and in-depth research will be made prior to purchasing. Particularly need (in order of priority): 1. Perm Glitched Chaos (looking for unnamed preferably - have a seller for named already) 2. Eth rep cruels wf 20s - leave stats (have a seller need to see what else is out there but doubt this will be beat) 3. Eth rep fools wf 20s - leave stats (have a seller need to see what else is out there but doubt this will be beat) 4. 2x 2/20/2/viso/life/dex - 2xgg matching jewels 5. 10fcr/115+ar/15dex/55+life crafted ring (or substitute 20+str/15+life for the 55+life) 6. gg rare rings like 10fcr/110+ar/20str/35+life/20+fr/20+pr/or @all res/mana/etc - any combo of this would work need 2x 7. Perfect Inventory - 9x45 lifers, 10x32020s, 10x36/20s, 10x20/5s, 25/20/20 sin torch + p anni (will get these last and I prefer all matching if possible on the sets) 8. P Shadow dancers, P up'd gores, P Raven (at least matching the crafted ring above), P enigma archon, P Arach, Sun Highlords gfx (will get these last)
  2. looric

  3. Tom's Ft/Iso!

    hey lmk if tht zak eexile 45 base res is 1k+def, also the defiance n aura skill pls lmk also ty.
  4. any1 know wut adds MORE dmg holyshield or smite skill itself? tryin to figure out which to max, THERE will only be ONE of these maxed, tryin out this new build. someone help? ty.
  5. ISO: Liquor/Beer Char Names

    iU iso: jsp/pa fg. pm me a good offer.
  6. ~ 8,000 FG Giveaway ~

    start bak up again after afking for couple months xD.
  7. Shit........ Girl friend's gonna be mad if I go missing for months...
  8. any1 no if PSN cancels critstrike? i herd it just cancels animation but still in effect? does it also cancel crushing blow n deadly strike? also is there an ias bp to hit b4 frenzy is in effect? like i want a decent swing ias b4 frenzy so it aint tht slow till i hit. which leads to my next question, wuts the best dual weps for frenzy barb? not sure about combos: Griefz, beastz, ebotdz, doomz, edeathz, lwz, fortz or if any 2x of same wep n which ones. idk which is best xD to use for dual. also any1 no a decent setup for a pvp frenzy barb, heh just wanna make one for the hell of it. and wut skills to max? also is enuf str/dex for gear then rest to vita fine? or do i need a certain about in dex so i can actually hit w/ frenzy xD? also bps for frw/fhr/fcr? is it like 38fcr n like 48fhr i believe? thx for looking.
  9. UPDATED Ft List.

    10fg takes both shapeshift gcs no sry c/o is 150jsp fg.
  10. UPDATED Ft List.

    UPDATED druid iso. FOLLOWING ITEM IS NOW GONE: 270%/7 edc
  11. UPDATED Ft List.

    ISO LIST: ONLY need Legit/Perms 1x12%FHR ele gc Rare Druid circ-2Dru/20fcr/15+str/atleast 10+ res to all (FIRE needs to b 25%+res is needed the most) 200%ed Clean Nonup/noneth Jalas or shael'd JSP Fg UPDATED Druid iso. FOLLOWING ITEMS R NOW GONE!: 246/58/17 Rends Perf Up
  12. UPDATED Ft List.

    c/o bak to 100 assuming 1:1 pa/jsp ratio. rly rly diso my druid atm :S.
  13. P/C this zon circlet pls

    2zon/20%frw/2open socks circlet-legit ofc thx again.