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  1. My Godly Wwsin ft!

    pm me a bin plz
  3. wuts the bin for just the 32020s?
  4. how much for all 32020s? and how much u have?
  5. Yup post price plz. also need sspurs gspurs Storm Circlet Fletch and 17life 5res small charms They must be permed..
  6. Buying Full PvP Character

    buy my god ele druid.
  7. pm me bin on the 32020s and pcomb lifers plz
  8. FT: Names

    u want anything other than fg? im iso Memory
  9. Elemental Grand Charms - 37/39 $5 for em
  10. ft: 120 dollars

    fhr/36/39/36/38/39/39/39/39/36 Light Gcs for $40 PFathom Legit for $15
  11. #~Buy = My = Mentionables~#

    this is east nonladder correecT? if so ill bin perm storm circlet for 13$

    40 Hoto (BIN: $1) 2x Fhr Pnb gcs - 1$ ea 15% Hotspurs - .50 13% Hotspurs - .50 Armageddon Fletch - Permed (BIN: $10) ill bin all this if u can clash test/// s/e alot wit fletch 14$ this is us east nl correct?
  13. ft: permed gspurs

    ill bin the gspurs if u cant clash test///s/e alot pmed
  14. Light Sorc FT.. BIN @ $70 P viper umed (50 all res) -25/16 Griffs (faceted) fhr/36/39/36/38/39/39/39/36 Lifers 15Bmanas (Only selling a few.. selling 15 for this price would be too cheap) 20/14 Storch ALL LEGIT 100% GURANTEE OR MONEY BACK!
  15. selling a few nice perms

    15 for fletch and gspurs to start, u got ne vouches/ history?
  16. ft: 10xunperm 20/5's 4 plain pcombats 1 plain cold gc 4-4 flail cta various annis i need perm fletch perm storm circlet perm gspurs need to be trusted and have vouches//test
  17. Ft: 40 40 40 ele lifer 12 fhr ele 10xunperm 20/5's perfect druid torch iso: perm gspurs perm storm circlet pnb 35+ lifers 1xfhr pnb
  18. traded the 3x40 lifers and ele fhr no longer need pnb lifers or fhr Still iso: perm gspurs perm storm circlet Add: 20/20/10 perm anni ill test
  19. ya they r permed, traded from robot on jsp and had for over 3 weeks without nething happening, only thign that isnt permed are the 10x20/5's im not sure wut graf. they r i beleive eye
  20. just iso any good hammer names, obviously one word names i offer paypal offer away!
  21. Diso: Good char names

    how much for hammer? got ne others

    ill take 2 accounts pm me wit info and ill send paypal email
  23. Everything For Sale!!!

    how much for the perm gspurs and perm fletch? any vouches