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  1. Worklist for dTrades v4.1

    Looking good. Had the opportunity to see my quality posts from when i was like 14. I would like to apologize. Also, i'm still alive. Thanks to this site i made a good friend, Paul, who i met this year when he made it to my wedding.
  2. Ron Paul 2012



    Your signature sums it up.
  5. Your Playing BF3 With Us Right?

    I've already played it. I was in the alpha.
  6. In game auction house! Gold will be the currency. Also Includes IRL $ auctions. Maybe make it.. Dfaqs? Doubt trading will ever be big on forums again, for diablo 3.
  7. Well, So much for Dtrades & Diablo 3

    In all reality, i'd say one reason they are doing this is because of D2JSP & Dtrades (and whatever other forums there were / are). These forums sell forum gold for $$, buy items with forum gold.. Sell items for $$, etc. Instead of having to go through this now, it will be available directly from blizzard, with what appears to be a scamless option for trading and selling.
  8. Been browsing through old posts of mine, holy shit i was a little fucking dick. No wonder people hated me. that is all..
  9. Ew, I use to be a little bitch...

    [quote name='
  10. Trusty Trader Shield

  11. Ew, I use to be a little bitch...

    I Can haz admin?
  12. Ew, I use to be a little bitch...

    What are you like 14? Go take a nap or something U AM SCAM TT SHIELD?!
  13. so...what do you want for the new dTrades?

    Hai uker. I'd love to stalk you all day long.
  14. #winning

    Fuck you its the motherfucking internet you cunt
  15. #winning

    Fuck you ass-shit mutherfucker #flamedBITCH
  16. Nintendo 3DS

    Yes, it took 5 months for someone to reply to this.
  17. so...what do you want for the new dTrades?

    1. Bringing back "dTrades" is full of win. This is a genius idea. 2. The site was once mainly focused on Diablo 2, trading, pricing, leveling, etc. Keep the D2 stuff. The dream of many old players was for Diablo 3, i think we will see a return of some once Diablo 3 arrives. Even if Diablo 3 has some type of auction system/ trade system (better than D2), there will still be a need for forums.. whether it be guides, checking of prices, character builds etc.... 3. Any other gaming stuff, in my opinion, should not be on this site. There is plenty of other forums (neogaf, gamefaqs, etc.) that people are going to go to talk about other video games. If there is a need for other games / forum for dtrades/postabout, i think it shoudl be related strictly to blizzard games. 4. Facebook is a good idea, some type of integration, as well as an official dtrades page. The only way to get more people to become part of this site is to spread the name, because i think a lot of people have never heard of dtrades or post about.
  18. Ew, I use to be a little bitch...

    love you too
  19. SC: Conviction Signature

    Something i made last year (2010). I had a CS4 trial i believe, i no longer have photoshop..
  20. ISO: Old friends

    Nice signature bro.