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  1. Small Item Request Thread

    Just starting back up again, looking for anything small to get my mf sorc on the go
  2. What's in your vehicle?

    ya new pg is complete garbage but once upon a time they were good lol
  3. What's in your vehicle?

    phoenix gold zx450v2 phoenix gold zx500 swr1222d x2 phoenix gold zpm 165s boston acoustic pro 6.53 Alpine cda-9887 phoenix gold zero point rcas stringer 1farad cap rockford fosgate 2awg power/ground phoenix gold BASEcube Phoenix gold Line Driver Phoenix gold EQ232
  5. Interesting Factoid

    this site will never die! i started using it back in 04 and stopped playing d2 about a year later but i still creep the forums
  6. 10,000 POST THREAD

  7. Its a girl

  8. One thing you HATE doing......

  9. Happy Canada Day weekend!

    the east coast was rocking on canada day, mhmmmmm beeeeeer
  10. when u first got ur car/license

    $1285 Can. a year for insurance
  11. Car amp question

    nah u wont need a cap for that amp, the consumption is very low and i doubt it if you will have dimming lights
  12. 10,000 POST THREAD

  13. 10,000 POST THREAD