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  1. arekkusu

  2. Car Audio...

    new plan http://cgi.ebay.com/01-03-Ford-F150-Super-...40#ht_967wt_911
  3. Getting a Hard lock on certain games

    I got it fixed all I had to do was: start > run > MSconfig Normal Startup apply restart now everything worked as soon as windows loaded.
  4. Getting a Hard lock on certain games

    This started about a month ago, though I did nothing to this but build it. tried it at stock settings too, even though I had it at 100% load for 2 hours one day I deleted all drivers, restarted in safe mods, used driver sweeper, restarted, installed latest ones (again) it goes black screen from the desktop (the screen right before all the splash screens, which I have also tried disabling) graphics are running at 40C and cpu is at 28C right now
  5. When I first built this system there was no problem running any of these games but now I am getting a hard lock that requires me to hit the reset button to be able to do anything. games affected: WoW (sure it's an issue based off the recent patch) Borderlands Bioshock 2 Far Cry (1 and 2) Fallout 3 GOTY ISO ideas that may lead to me fixing this annoyance. system: Cooler Master HAF 932 Core I7 920 @ 3.6 GHz EVGA X58 Classified 4-Way SLI custom water cooling system (CPU only, 35C under load) 3x GTX 470 SuperClocked Antec 1200W PSU 6 GB Mushkin Redline (3x2 GB) 6 GB Mushkin Blackline (3x 2GB) and yes, both have the same timings and voltages, I just liked the color contrast 2x OCZ 40 GB (raid 0) 4x WD 640 GB (non-raid) Windows 7 64-bit please help me
  6. Car Audio...

    I need a new system for my truck ('03 F-150) I have a sub box picked out already, it'll hold up to 2 12" subs but I think a pair of 10's would be fine. I need: stereo itself subs amp possibly speakers? here's links of what I'm looking at right now Subs: dual 10" Kicker Comp's https://www.soundoffaudio.com/item.cfm/id/2901 box: custom dual-sub box https://www.soundoffaudio.com/item.cfm/id/2086 Amp: No Idea Speakers: No Idea (Do I even need them?) Stereo: JVC KD-R300 https://www.soundoffaudio.com/item.cfm/id/2986
  7. My baby

    also looking for a decent PhysX card... thinking just a single-bay 9800 GT or some such card... maybe my old 8800 GT will work for this purpose?
  8. My baby

    believe me, if I had a spare $1100 sitting around I'd have one of those... perhaps 2 of em in this beast http://www.evga.com/products/moreInfo.asp?...Series%20Family /drool?
  9. I have these parts sitting around: case = CoolerMaster Centurion PSU = Antec 850w (though, I may be missing a few of the modular cables) Motherboard = EVGA x58 SLI CPU = Intel core I7 920 (VERY easy to OC btw) RAM = 3x 2 GB Mushkin, 3x 1 GB Mushkin Video = 2x XFX 8800 GT Alpha Dog edition, 2x Sapphire 4890 for cooling, the best self-contained cooler I have ever used is the CoolIt systems Domino A.L.C., self-contained water cooler. The cooler, however, does not easily fit into the case listed above. If you're interested in any of the parts, let me know and I can shoot you a price. Just be aware that I'm still in Afghanistan and won't be back in the states for another month or so.
  10. My baby

    first, my question: I have never used more than one Raid array at once, just wondering if I need a card for the second array or will my on-board controller work for both of them? now the fun part: Cooler Master 932 HAF EVGA x58 Classified 4x SLI Intel Core I7 920 @ 3.86 GHz Enermax Revolution 1050W psu 6x Mushkin Redline (6x 2 GB) @ 6-7-6-18 2x OCZ 40 GB SSD (raid 0) 4x WD black (raid 0+1) 2x Sapphire 4890 CF (lol @ these) Custom water cooling system (Crazypc.com) 2x LiteOn dvd drive (in external enclosure) too expensive, I know. but I have been saving up for this for about 6 months. once I get my taxes in, I'm going with 3x EVGA 295 hydro copper
  11. WOW for d2???

    account/character trades are not allowed, sorry.
  12. I need a new Gaming Laptop

    1: I need a new laptop, my old Dell is starting to shit the bed on me, budget is ~$1500 and I really only need it to play Mass Effect 2 on full settings. 2: keep my "old" i7 920 and get a new mobo (if so, what one?) or get a nice i7 860 (+mobo) and which can overclock easier/faster? - if I do go with this option, is the EVGA p55 classified 200 a good choics or should I go Asus? (evga matches my case too) 3: graphics - looking at the 5970 right now (passes the 295 hydro copper from EVGA for a few hundred less. 4: Ram - Mushkin redline 2x 2GB dual chanel DDR3 (plus it's red to match my case) - that's only if I go with the new i7 quad. thanks, I don't have a lot of time to read about this stuff anymore so I appreciate the help
  13. updates from afghanistan

    so far I've been: blown up shot at RPG'd mortared rocketed and had our corpsman (doc; medic) call in 2 500 lb bombs fun times
  14. Arek goes to Afghanistan

    yeah, I leave tonight for Helmen Province in south-west Afghanistan. if anyone wants to send me anything I'll post the address later finishing packing now. see you all in 7 months
  15. 10,000 POST THREAD

    Its satin, not silk. Eye Warship Satin I thought it was clever. Apparently, too clever. tooooooo cleverrrrr quite