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    I see quite a few familiar faces here! Has it really been 8 years?! I remember the whole d2trading site then the start of dtrades. I bought a computer case from Tenjuna back in 2006 when i started up mud2shop.com.
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    Dtrades is back!
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    Moved this to General Chat, trying to keep the place a little organized while I clean house. I think it's safe to say that dTrades found me
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    I noticed it earlier but didn't think much of it. Now that you bring it up it does in fact look broken. I am going to guess a cookie issue, I will add it to the list. For now I have 3 quizzes and 4 exams in the next 10 days so you will excuse me if I am scarce for a bit
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    Hey man! it feels like it's been forever. A lot has happened over the last 11 years! I keep debating on playing again.
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    Wondering price on 08 HL and Gclaws, and Bmanas, and 08 boots
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    Holy crap Nostalgia. I forgot we ever even ran mud2shop together. Whats up man.
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    I don't really see that happening unless someone else brings a group in. I simply don't have the time to dedicate like I did 10 years ago, though I do wish I did sometimes. Heck, I don't even get to play video games anymore, and I REALLY miss that. Anyway, I am not going anywhere, I pick at things here and there once in a while.
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    ^ Need more hours in the day!
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    Just a post to support you, no rush.
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    Looking good. Had the opportunity to see my quality posts from when i was like 14. I would like to apologize. Also, i'm still alive. Thanks to this site i made a good friend, Paul, who i met this year when he made it to my wedding.
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    Guy named landshark told me about jsp and here......jsp I got an infraction on my first day there, the mod was a complete jerk about it. In fact he refused to remove it even 8 years after. Came here, landed in the right spot on Warsguild.com and poof staff for a few minutes or three. Also became a mod/member of the eaglesnest for old gamers......
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    Lol fucking 8 years ago
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    I don't expect that the site is going to "take off", and please use your money for the move, I appreciate the thought but this should be the last thing you are thinking about lol.
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    I got really sick in 2009-2010, which was what prompted me to basically disappear, then my wife bailed on me and my life kinda fell apart. I finally pulled myself together and it occurred to me that I should go after my dreams rather than wasting my life being unhappy. I was a combat engineer and field medic in the army a thousand years ago, and I enjoyed the medic part of it. I had always wanted to try nursing, so I went for it and here I am. Besides, I am specializing in Nursing Informatics, so I am still using the IT part of my brain too lol.
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    Other than the divorce bit, it seems you're doing well! You have a collective of goals you're working hard on attaining! My mom and sister are actually both RNs here in town man and I helped them study with their index cards' worth of terminology/etc so you have my respect in that regard, it's by no means an easy career path to take. I can also totally relate on the no dating front, before my current job I had to be hyper focused ON the job or else I would have fallen behind (I'm now working for the local school district in Facilities Services.) What prompted you into heading down the path of a healer? (Because you've always been so tech-savvy.)
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    Yeah I just put that mod list together Friday. Really the last 5 years can be summed up in the phrase "nursing school". That's pretty much all I have been doing since I got divorced in 2010. Hell I don't even date because I am too busy. My life is so same same if you had asked me 5 years ago what I was up to, I would be pretty much giving the same answer now lol. I am working towards my Doctorate in Nursing Practice, and still have another 3-4 years of school left. I just recently moved to North Dakota for a change of scenery, and in 3 years I am hoping to move to Arizona, Texas, or Florida.
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    Hey there bud, not too shabby these days! I'm all growed' up with a big kid job, went and got myself a fine missus (and a cat!) I've missed you dudes like, a-lot haha. Tell me what's been going on with you these last like....5 years?! Haha. Also, is the paid mod list up to date by chance?
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    Oh My God, MajorThor!!!! How the hell are ya dude?
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    As a lowly JMod I only ever moderated trades for shit like Hellfire Torches and Anni Charms. You had some pretty serious Spamcops back in the day and your senior staff pretty well and kicked ass. Haha.
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    Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew, but moving forward we know how to improve even if it's just for the social aspect of things
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    Dtrades, Postabout, c20c (or whatever it was,. Glad the D is back.
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    Sounds good! Everyone whom reads this should be tossing him a follow on Twitch and support our fearless leader, that has brought us all back together to fight the forces of evil once again
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    I know that pain. Competitive for Overwatch just launched last night so that's been my time drain and I bought DOOM on Steam with the big summer sale they have going on...so no free time here.
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    I am relaxed. Joking tone of voice not conveyed properly on my previous post. Ti's the limitations of purely textual digital communication. I'll need to brush up on my use of emotes and their use to properly convey emotional context via the interweb.
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    It wasn't just you dude, relax. I do not want ANY changes to posts, especially old ones. This IS a nostalgia project after all.
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    I only touched two posts! Err, 'moderated', not touched. I leave the touching to the girlfriend.
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    i had the same problem with the link but we are here now
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    Glad to see this up & running!
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    Hey I had it open in another tab! I was working on it.. slowly.. sort of. What would this place be like if we actually read everything first.
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    DYLAN! Let me hit you up with some modern contact info
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    One of them is right here I'm still in contact with several others whom I can probably get back into logging on here
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    Aren't we all buddy. haahaa.
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    I have switched the domain back to dtrades.org...welcome home. you may want to change all of your bookmarks now while you are thinking about it. as you can see, we have upgraded. === as of December 12 the site upgrade as I see it is complete. for now, I am basically tinkering with things, with the intention of being fully complete by May 16th, which is the official 8th anniversary of the day this site was registered and made live... I am currently working on moving the site to a new server and wringing out the bugs in the new mactastica skin. === here is what I have left: 1. chat room takes 30 seconds to enter, and freezes the entire site in the meantime (installed CURL to fix) 2. for whatever reason a lot of avatars are missing (I fixed as much as I could) 3. any post before the site upgrade that had quoted stuff in it has broken quote code (rebuilt post content to fix) 4. need a new logo (quickie logo will do until new skin is up) 5. fix all issues in relation to the upgrade (deleting, moving, cleaning, bugs, etc) 6. fix domain name to dtrades.org (there is a hidden redirect somewhere breaking this, wild goose chase hooray) 7. site store is missing (installing that at some point) 8. forum gold and forum gold buying is missing (will be back once store is re-opened) 9. post bumping button (maybe) 10. arcade missing (though missing games atm) 11. add facebook, twitter, and smartphone integration 12. add customizable side bar blocks (on front page) 13. 20 user chat license 14. buy a new server & increase bandwidth or move to a hosted server instead (current server is way old, we need to do something here) 15. TT is missing (migrating to new trader feedback system) 16. finalize what I am doing with banned member group (no need to now) 17. forum gold earning from posts missing 18. add shop items and raffle/lottery and turn shop back on 19. add a donation system 20. add new skins (thinking of adding Engraved first and will add others if something cool comes up) 21. re-add previously purchased store goodies 22. add a group promotion system or something to replace the old guild system 23. reopen the arcade (after I write a batch import script to re-add 5000+ games...nfc how yet it will be a while) 24. add a support ticket system ===== if you see a problem or something missing message me or post here. I do not remember everything we did on PostAbout it's been too long.
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    Well, we see it now. Is there anything we as a community can do to help? I can send some money i guess but i dont know what good it would do you. Let me know
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    its the bees knees daddy-o...or maybe your dumb ass hasnt been here and missed the entire upgrade. we have a new skin coming as soon as I get all the other stuff done. just got the new server running today so one thing at a time. oh, and go fuck yourself or something
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    For future reference please make a more specific post hah. ~Nathan
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    Having yet another round of hardware failures...this is a direct result of using very old hardware. I am going to build another server Friday night and move the site to it. It's only marginally better, but it will be that much faster and more reliable. I have no idea what the next step is going to be but obviously something needs to happen. I may just go ahead and bite the bullet with a new modern server. The hosted solutions are simply not going to work in the price point I can afford. $500 for a year of hosting will buy a decent-ish server. Sorry for the outage. Cain
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    Tebowing; Verb;1) Praying to an imaginary being like a fucking douche bag. 2) Sucking like a Philipino whore in the face of unwarranted hype. Stats for the Christ pimping faggot, week 8; 18 of 39 for 172, 7 sacks, 1 fumble and 1 INT, both returned for TD's. Pray harder you fag?
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    9x 45 Life Elemental Gc's (eye) 10x 20/5 Bmana 35$ pp or 30wu
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    hey bud ill bin if you are willing to accept paypal from me im also ray123 on jsp
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    ehm. Ive only done W/U through this site. Since it seems safest.
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    Why the hell would you bump a 4 year old topic? ~Nathan
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    Isn't it a shame to see anyone pass on? I respect what Steve Jobs did for the industry and as a great company leader, but I always wonder why there is a massive public outpouring of condolences when a celebrity dies. And Seto, I don't know if you're thinking of prostate cancer, but pancreatic cancer is one of the worst cancers you can possibly have, especially if it goes metastatic. His money most likely kept him alive years longer than anyone with or without insurance would have.
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    Ok it's killing me to hide it but now its out in the open. I couldn't hold it in anymore! this is my valk! check dbay thread here for proof and a better screenshot