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    Moved this to General Chat, trying to keep the place a little organized while I clean house. I think it's safe to say that dTrades found me
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    Hey man! it feels like it's been forever. A lot has happened over the last 11 years! I keep debating on playing again.
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    Wondering price on 08 HL and Gclaws, and Bmanas, and 08 boots
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    Holy crap Nostalgia. I forgot we ever even ran mud2shop together. Whats up man.
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    Guy named landshark told me about jsp and here......jsp I got an infraction on my first day there, the mod was a complete jerk about it. In fact he refused to remove it even 8 years after. Came here, landed in the right spot on Warsguild.com and poof staff for a few minutes or three. Also became a mod/member of the eaglesnest for old gamers......