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    Classic was formed on September 4th, 2008 by Chimerical, shastaman, bp123, whiteEYES, and Pioy. We decide on new members by a voting system made up of the five Owners: bp123, Pioy, sarge799, obisent, and mikool. We also consult the guild at large regarding prospective members, and we occasionally send invitations to people who we think fit our membership criteria. We are primarily a USEast guild, but we have members who are active in the bettors' forums, Ladder Slasher, and elsewhere. We are always looking to expand our horizons on d2jsp. Members of Classic have well-established reputations. A new member candidate who is not already highly regarded will almost certainly not be admitted into the guild. (Note: we do not require an early join date or a high post count; we want respected and well known members of the forums. This is not a popularity contest, we are just being careful.) Requirements: Consistently mature and upstanding member of the d2jsp community, known for integrity and decency Uphold good-mannered trading and betting standards (i.e. do not spam/flame peoples' threads, early bump often, welch, etc.) No Locked or Scammer tags 0% warn (if you are warned after becoming a member, you may still be able to stay in the guild, though it is at the discretion of the Owners) Membership Benefits: Free rushing (when avaliable) Free leveling (when available) Free item transfers (when avaliable) Free guild graphics: http://s237.photobucket.com/albums/ff290/jwm9104/Classic/ Fellowship and an environment of mature and respected members of d2jsp Organized Guild Topics dedicated to recruiting, trading, Ladder Slasher, poker, and more The opportunity to Slash for FG and guild prestige Guild Chat: We like a lot of posting by our members, but we encourage random conversation hereā€”not USEast Trading. Feel free to spam it up if you are a member! http://forums.d2jsp.org/guild.php?t=558 Ladder Slasher: Classic owners will pay 100 FG per Guild Point, for your first 10 points after joining. Get Slashing, let's look sexy! Ventrilo Server Info: Hostname: silver.typefrag.com Port Number: 10510